The First Page

This site, as I am writing this, is a blank page. It’s a fresh start. It’s an invitation to both you and me. It’s potential in the making. Most importantly, I hope to eventually turn it into something incredible and worthwhile.

It’s also a culmination of irony and contradiction.

I don’t obsessively post status updates, check into every location I visit, or share photos of what I’m eating for dinner (actually, I might do that every once in a while). It’s not my thing, it’s not that interesting, and a decent amount of it is a waste of time.

I’ve also never attempted to create a personal — all about me — type blog to this scale or magnitude. That fact, alone, is is pretty weird, especially when considering my prior background in tech journalism. But it’s not without reason.

Self promotion isn’t my thing. While I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with promotion in general — for example, I happily engage in promoting products and services I enjoy and believe in1 — I simply do not treat myself as a brand that needs to be marketed to the world. I’m also fully aware that this contradicts every piece of advice you will ever read from marketing gurus.

So what am I doing here? Well, this is essentially a platform to market myself to the world.


Fortunately, it’s much more than that. I want this to serve as a platform where I can share meaningful knowledge, experiences, and opinions with you, and anyone else who finds my words or life original and compelling.

Above all else, I want this to serve as a platform where I can provide value.

Scratching the Surface

People, rightly so, have this innate tendency to put down roots. Those people buy houses. Those people treat their houses (and the families and memories that grow within them) as foundations, essentially building them up to be bigger, better, and memorable things. It’s the thing people do. It’s that American Dream, baby!

I’m human, and I’m American. As such, I suppose I want to live the American Dream too, just without the mortgage.

Instead, in what I believe is to be both a logical and illogical compromise, I purchased I setup a WordPress blog and hacked together this site that exists before your very eyes.2 It’s not a two-story house with a white picket fence,3 and it’s far from complete, but it is something of my own.

It’s a foundation. And I really needed it.

I want to write. Even though the perfectionist in me makes it more difficult than it needs to be, I enjoy writing. I do a lot of personal journaling on the side. It serves as a way to get things out of my system. But I don’t like keeping it all for myself. It’s not nearly as fun. The solution? Blogging.

I want to voice my opinion. I think I’m a fairly opinionated guy, but that side of me doesn’t tend to show itself in person. I usually come off as a reserved optimist. When I’m writing, though, I feel that I can take on and embrace a critical voice and tone. It feels more like the real me. It’s a bit weird, of course, but it works.

I want to share memories. I try to make it a point to be f’ing awesome. This has lead me to opportunities I could have never dreamt about. I want to share those experiences with people, while striving to help others achieve great things.

I want my (digital) home. If a person wants to learn more about me, I can tell them to come here. It’s like me having the opportunity to invite someone into my home as a guest, which I think is pretty cool.

So what is this all about, then?

It’s my successes, failures, interests, and opinions. It’s life, work, technology, business, gaming, travel, entertainment, and anything else that evokes emotion and intrigue. It’s whatever causes an itch that I want to scratch.

It’s me.

I’d also count this as a success, because this is no longer a blank page — it’s the first page. It’s progress. And it’s an invitation for you to subscribe to read more and follow me on Twitter.

  1. There’s ManageWP, which I have the pleasure of playing a significant role in. You should check it out. 

  2. I even filled out a few sections about me

  3. I’ll stick to apartment living for now.